Conditions Associated With Being Abused That Often Go Hand In Hand With Trauma

- PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

- CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

- Body Dimorphic Disorder

- Trichotillomania (Obsessive Hair Pulling)

- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

- Dissociative Disorders

- DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder also known as Multiple Personality Disorder)

- Mood Disorders

- Agoraphobia (Fear of Crowds & People or Leaving the House)

- Social Anxiety Disorder

- Generalized Anxiety Disorder

- Fear of Phone Calls (Making them or answering them)

- Fear of Answering the Door

- Stuttering

- Various Types of Autoimmune Diseases and Illnesses

- Hormonal Imbalances (more for women)

- Reactive Abuse (lashing out at your abuser verbally or physically when backed into a corner)

- Hypervigilance

- Chronic Fatigue

- Hyper Sexual Arousal

- Decreased Interest in Sex

- Nervous Breakdowns

- Flashbacks Physical & Emotional

- Depression and other Depressive Disorders

- ADD & or ADHD

- Suicide Attempts

- Self Harm

- Self Mutilation

- Drugs & Alcohol Abuse & Addiction

- Accident Prone

- Inability to Function

- Memory Loss

- Risky Behaviors

- Inability to Make Friends or Keep Relationships

- Inability to Keep Jobs

- Insomnia

- Eating Disorders

- Being A Magnet For Narcissists & Any Type of Predators

- Perfectionism

- Becoming a Narcissist

- Becoming a People Pleaser

- Insomnia

- Excessive Sleeping

- Panic Attacks

- Susceptibility to Religious Cults & Unhealthy Mind Sets, Organizations, Businesses, Scams seeking Vulnerable

- Stockholm Syndrome

- Cognitive Dissonance

- Fear of Cameras and Video

- Nightmares & Night Terrors

* I will be making separate posts for these conditions in the near feature. If I have missed something please share with me things I have missed in this list. You can share via comments, or there is a contact form to send me a message and or you can send a chat in the chat box on mobile. The Chat on desk top may or may not not be working at this time. In the meantime please look up these conditions in your favorite search engines and become familiar with them. You may not even know that you are suffering from some of these ailments. There is hope! You can get better but you do need an environment where you are safe and no longer being abused.

Much Love;

Jessica Faye

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