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These Bonds I Break

Trapped With A Narcissist


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Hi, I'm Jessica!
So good to have you here.  

You are not lost nor alone! Chances are I have been through many of the things you have suffered with or are currently going through. I would love to be of help to you in your times of troubles when you need validation for your truths. Press the link to find out more about me and why I feel I can be of some comfort and help.


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The Most Important Things I Have Learned:

Of the greatest values we all have from within us is the ability to learn and to develop trust in our gut feelings and to cultivate introspection. Introspection into not only others but especially ourselves. did you know that all of your answers you are looking for are right now within you? I can help you to learn how to cultivate this because this will be your greatest tool in helping yourself from Narcissism.

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