Jessica Faye

My personal story

Hope Validation & Togetherness

  Hello my name is Jessica. I am so glad you can join me in our struggles to break these bonds of narcissistic abuse.

As many of us, I was born into a family of narcissistic parents. Two of them! I went on to also have step parents who where Narcissistic abusers. My boyfriends and three husbands were all mentally, physically, verbally, emotionally & sometimes sexually abusive in the way only Narcissists can be so cruel and sneaky. Because of long term trauma over many years I developed chronic CPTSD.

I am now 47 years old. I know what it is like to try to flee with children, be stalked across part of the country and actually succeed in finally getting away and getting divorced! I know what it is like to be trapped and have no way out for many years and what it takes to survive.

I have taken courses on PTSD and CPTSD throughout my life including a Life Coaching course through the ICF (International Coaching Federation) especially designed for people being traumatized by Narcissists and how it affects the brain and body eventually leading to physical health ailments and chronic Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have studied Narcissistic abuse in all of it's forms my whole life.

I have met many types of Narcissists, from the sweet sneaky seemingly shy type to in your face overt malignant Psychopathic type.

I know I have valuable knowledge to share. I especially learned hands on and wish to help you be able to cope better, find validation, get the validation you need and deserve. Because non of this is your fault! I want you to find You again! Learn to love your life or aspects of it while trapped and while learning how to plan your escape if you so choose.

In this Covid era of world wide lock downs.....now more than ever we need to help and support one another. So many are Trapped With A Narcissist. From Children to the very old.

I will be using many of my own stories written in unique perspective ways. Which we can together learn from.  I too can further heal by writing them out to all of you who need to know....be able to relate and to see YOU are certainly NOT ALONE!